Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Today's Tune

I've had this on repeat for about 3 days now.
The oldies are always the best.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Recent Purchases.

Topshop Aruba Boots.

I got these babies off Ebay for a bargain price of £20.00. (Love good ebay finds!). They're brand new which is even better, however I am feeling a little nervous about wearing them seen as they're cream suede and I am totally rubbish at looking after my shoes. Think I'm going to save them till spring...if I can resist wearing them! Which judging by the fact i have them on right now I doubt is going to happen...


Dear Santa...
Topshop Ashish Jumper.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

What I wore today.

Reverting back to my Scottish homelands and feeling inspired by what Rhianna wore for her performance on x-factor at the weekend today I went for...TARTAN.

My take...not quite as nice as Rhianna's but hey I like it..

I got the Tartan dress years ago from Forever21 when I was in America and it's one of my dresses that I always forget I have and it sits in my wardrobe untill I 'Rediscover' it. The white lace underneath is actually a dress from Topshop. It's one of my favourites and I wore it too my graduation (which feels so long ago!!).

ps...sorry it's been a while. I've joined the Mac club (wooohooo!!) But it's taken me a while to work out how to use it and get all my stuff off my pc. But I'm back.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Keeping them 'tootsies warm.

After the freezing winter we had last year I'm preparing myself for winter early this year...

*Excuse the rubbish phone camera picture...
Lace Socks- Urban Outfitters.
Boots- Office.

Who says you can't wear socks and tights together??

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Today's Tune

I don't care who knows it....I Love Beyonce!!

I just love her in this video, the song, her style, the dancing.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Recent Purchases.

It's been a month....A few things I've been spending my hard earned dollah' on...
1. Maxi Skirt- Forever 21 (£18.99). 2. Fake Fur Collar- H&M (£12.99). 3. 'Bisous' T-Shirt- Topshop (£14.00). 4. Oxblood Bodycon Skirt- Topshop (£22.00). 5. Boots- H&M (£24.99).

I have literally been living in the fake fur Collar from H&M, using it pretty much everyday to try and reinvent some of my coats and jackets that have been living inside the back of my wardrobe. I think it really adds a little 'something' to an outfit. I'm not usually a T-shirt kind of girl but I really liked the 'Bisous' one from Topshop (it's a rip-off of this Ashish one, which to be honest I would've preferred but alas my budget wouldn't stretch to that... boo hoo). The Topshop ones a really nice material but I'm waiting to see how it washes, Topshop clothes and I don't seem to have a history of washing well together. I wore the maxi skirt to LFW, I was a maxi skirt virgin before and had visions of me falling flat on my arse on the cobbles of Somerset house but fortunately that didn't happen. It would have been a major fashion faux-pas if it had of. In the words of Rachel Zoe...'I'd die'.